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Furniture Systems

Furniture Systems

Furniture systems

Ergonomic Seating


Ergonomic Task Seating
Conference Seating
Guest Seating
Seating for 24 hour use
Lobby Seating
Auditorium Seating

Improve workflow. Boost productivity. Increase space while reducing floor space. Enhance the look and design at your total work environment. With TAB Furniture, you can have it all.

Whether your organization requires furniture designed for a closed or open office environment, TAB Furniture systems will provide an attractive, quiet and space-efficient solution. TAB also offers a wide variety of fabrics, work surface laminates and trim colors. And custom configurations can be designed to fit any workplace style

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Cluster Workstations

Create the Perfect Environment

TAB’s Cluster Workstations offer a bold design innovation while providing a comfortable, well-organized work environment. Minimal floor space is utilized for each workstation, yet each area offers maximum space efficiency and work surface accessibility. Data & electrical requirements are housed within a central location providing easy access. TAB offers a wide variety of fabric colors, worksurface colors and trim colors. Plus, custom configurations can be designed to fit any work style.


TAB’s Cluster Workstations Provide:

  • Simple and cost-effective connections to all electrical equipment.
  • More workspace than conventional work surfaces.
  • Compatibility with TAB’s Systems Furniture.
  • Easy specifications.

So whether you need the perfect combination of components for reservation centers, copywriters, telemarketing transcription service or call centers, TAB’s Cluster Workstation system is the right furniture solution for smooth, efficient work-style productivity.

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Panel Systems Furniture

Different by Design

Furniture systemsUnlike conventional post and panel “systems furniture” that support work surfaces and components inside Unattractive frames of steel or plastic, TAB’s Systems Furniture is entirely different. Constructed with Panel-to-panel connectors called “stanchions”, these square steel supports are slotted in one-inch Increments to allow the placement of components & work surfaces anywhere along the vertical lines.


The result? An attractive expanse of decorative fabric broken only by very thin reveal-lines thus providing a distinctly compelling and comfortable work environment.

TAB’s Panel Systems Furniture Advantages Include:

  • Fully shielded channeling of electrical and data communication lines through panel base to workstation.
  • No tangled cable snarling in the panel base with our EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) protection.
  • Compatibility with TAB’s complete line of storage components and ergonomic accessory items.

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