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With the FTC's new Disposal Rule, businesses must take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information. This includes:

Consumer reporting companies
• Lenders
• Insurers
• Employers
• Landlords
• Government agencies
• Mortgage brokers
• Automobile dealers
• Attorneys or private investigators
• Debt collectors
• Individuals who obtain a credit report on prospective nannies, contractors, or tenants
• Entities that maintain information in consumer reports as part of their role as service providers to other organizations covered by the Rule

Again, there are many reasons to shred... to protect your company's financial information, to safeguard private information and to keep personal information confidential. We can help your company select, and choose the right shredder for your specific needs.

JB Office Matters carries a full line of:

Production Shredders
• For Large shred jobs
• Multiple users
• Shred over 100 times/day

Office Shredders
• Multiple users
• Average shred jobs
• Shred up to 100 times/day

Personal Shredders
• Small shred jobs
• Single users
• Shred 20 to 50 times/day

Click here to request a free consultation and we'll help you choose the right shredder to meet your specific needs.

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