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File Tracking Solutions

Access to Files is Access to Knowledge

Lost files. Document duplication. Hoarded files. Internal information that is difficult to find. These problems slow response to customers, increase your operating expenses and create unnecessary barriers for your employees.

For over ten years, TABís File Management Solutions have helped organizations like yours to better organize their files and documents.

Quicker access to information can help your organization to:

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Facilitate compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Reduce operating costs Improve customer satisfaction

Customized File Management Solutions
Your organization faces unique challenges that demand unique solutions. Our File Management Solutions are scaleable software solutions that are customized to match your organization’s exact requirements. After reviewing your organization’s workflow requirements, file management policies, and business practices we will recommend the appropriate file management software package and configuration for your organization’s unique needs. These solutions include:

FileTracker™ Standard
An entry-level software solution that is automated with barcode technology providing cost-effective and efficient file and box tracking for individuals or small workgroups.*FileTrackerTM Standard has varying degrees of this functionality. Contact our Technical Sales for details.

FileTracker™ Pro
An advanced client/server software solution that is comprehensive, modular and scalable providing cost-effective and efficient file and box tracking for a medium to large network environment.

Accutrac™ 8
An advanced client/server software solution that is a comprehensive, modular and scalable Records Management System providing corporate compliance by managing location, classification, retention and destruction information for the client’s documents, files and boxes.

Accutrac™ XE
A highly advanced client/server software Records Management System solution that allows for unique implementations through customization of the program’s framework and is designed to integrate with and support the client’s enterprise wide document management strategies.

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TabQuik 6.0 Suite

Color-Coded Labels on Demand

TABQUIK® 6 is labeling software that provides you with an easy and efficient way to color-code files and other media for timely organization and retrieval. The laborious task of creating and applying color-coded labels to file folders and other media is made easy. With TABQUIK® 6, you get on-site color-coded labels on demand.

The Total Solution

TABQUIK® 6 is a scalable, Windows-based software solution that allows you to set a color-coded and labeling standard across your entire enterprise. To meet individual and multiuser
requirements, TABQUIK® 6 is available in Stand-Alone and Network versions. Whether your labeling system requires you to modify the color palette to match existing color schemes or should it require customized configuration of the data entry screen, TABQUIK® 6 provides you with end-to-end control. The editing tools allow you to manage and configure your label

You have complete control of the following design elements:

  • Color palette design
  • Data import design
  • Project file design
  • Input grid & form

TABQUIK® 6 Features

  • Convert data into color bars, bar codes and file identification text User-selectable color palette - match any system
  • One custom and four standard label designs included - unlimited label designs are available for a nominal fee
  • Print top tab and side tab labels using the same data file - one right after the other
  • Produce labels for file folders, videotapes, data tapes, flexible diskettes or other media - possibilities are limitless
  • Project Associations - you define how TABQUIK® works on your workstation
  • Enter data via a grid (worksheet) or from a form
  • Sort data by clicking on a grid column header
  • Preview your labels as you key them in, all on the same screen, or as you select them for printing
  • Automatically print your labels when you send a file from your computer system (database)

Use TABLynx to get your label data from your computer system (database); print them per your defined schedule.

Interested? Need Pricing Information? - Call us today at 518-869-9749 or click here to request a FREE Consultation.

Remember the Benefits of Color-Coding...
Color-coding provides tangible, measurable benefits in any filing situation. It speeds retrieval time by allowing you to visually identify specific files and it virtually eliminates misfiles because incorrectly placed files are readily apparent.

High Quality Labels
The TABQUIK® label is a high quality, smear-proof, coated stock, with a long lasting acrylic based adhesive. TABQUIK® labels will go on, stay on and remain legible for the entire life cycle of your files.

System Recommendations
IBM PC or compatible running Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
CD-ROM drive
32 MB for Windows 98
64 MB for Windows 2000 or XP
17 MB disk storage space
Mouse and keyboard
VGA/SVGA card with 4 MB of RAM
TAB recommended printer

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